Branded experiences on first contact

Drive awareness, engagement, purchase intent before they surf the net.


Unique WiFi Formats

Unique FULL-SCFREEN ad formats that will maximize the impact of your message to a captive audience.

Out and About Peeps

WOWfi’s wi-fi ads capture the attention of mobile users as they connect to the internet within WOWfi's wi-fi hotspots where our ads can be found such eg. airports, cafes and citywide networks.

Receptive Audience

They are exposed to your brand message in a relaxing atmosphere i.e. while drinking coffee, eating or chatting with their friends. They see more value in the creativity deployed thus arousing their curiosity.

Not Just a Pretty Face

The user can click through and engage with the brand even before being connected to the Internet.

First View Connection

The advantage of wi-fi advertising is its ability to expose users to your ads when they are in a wi-fi enabled location such as a café or at an airport. Your brand message or promotions is the first thing they see as soon as they log in.

You Know They’re Watching

Another significant advantage is with a guaranteed quality audience with traits as specified above, views will not be wasted on anyone else.